Meet the Curator

Meet your Sapphire Sommelier, Sophia Spallino

My Experience

Attracted to beautiful heirloom jewelry since I was a child, I've always chosen estate pieces over new designs. However with grandparents and parents owning their own jewelry wholesale and retail businesses, I found myself in the modern jewelry industry by default.

Since I could walk and talk, I have designed, sold, and marketed contemporary jewelry. While my customers, friends, and family loved my modern selection, they always wanted to buy the vintage jewelry I would wear everyday, sometimes attempting to make offers to even buy it off my body, haha!

But of course, I could not (would never EVER) part with my beloved estate adornment -- but it got me thinking: What if I started an estate jewelry collection for my friends to wear? If I don't wear modern jewelry, then why am I selling it? If these vintage pieces are truly what I wear everyday, maybe other women will cherish these jeweled artifacts too. I can show the world that these artifacts aren't meant to be locked up in grandma's old jewelry box -- they are meant to be worn! Why haven't I been sharing what I truly love all along?!

So now that's just what I do: what I LOVE.

Sophia Spallino Artifact Adornment Estate Fine Jewelry Vintage Retro

My Vision

Welcome, My Darlings, to the inspiring world of Artifact Adornment, where each estate piece is handpicked by myself and thoroughly inspected by a certified jeweler. I don't have a brick and mortar store, so I cannot shake your physical hand. But here I am offering my words. If you ever would like to get to know me better or know more about a specific piece, please do not hesitate to email or even call me. I want your purchase to be a comfortable, personal experience, even online.

As a jewelry designer and estate collection curator, I want to give my customers and friends the luxury of owning one-of-a-kind fine estate jewelry. Armed with knowledge, 20+ years of experience, and creative blood flowing through my veins, I am sure that I have handpicked the absolute finest antique, vintage, and retro jewelry for you.

My goodness, I LOVE what I do. It's like opening a treasure box filled with one-of-a-kind estate fine jewelry and sharing it with the world! My hope is that my collection reflects these words: I am blessed to bless others. Thank you for appreciating the artifacts I love. I pray you truly cherish every piece you purchase, and that it brings you joy every time you wear it. 



Sophia Spallino Artifact Adornment Estate Fine Jewelry Vintage Retro

Like a fine wine, jewelry gets better with time. -Sophia Spallino

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